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The Call to Excellence Rising to the Challenge

Recommended For:
CORE Content Teachers
College Readiness Teachers
Counselors /Guidance Staff
(Grades 6-12)

6 hours (1 Day Workshop)
12 hours (2 Day Workshop)

Every student has potential to be successful. Identify those diamonds in the rough and cultivate their talent to help them shine. This one or two-day workshop will focus on strategies and techniques to motivate and accelerate hard-to-reach students. Participants will be given the tools needed to capture the interest of pupils with untapped potential and inspire them to take on the challenge of college prep courses. We will focus on areas such as systemic longitudinal support, the cultivation of a safe academic culture and mindful curriculum. In addition, we will work on preparing students to become college ready through examining real-world experiences. This workshop is especially helpful for teachers working with potential first generation college students,

Learning Objectives

Participants will:
● Acquire tools to inspire and engage potential AP students,
● Learn to create a safe and rewarding learning environment,
● Incorporate meaningful learning techniques that help students transition into AP courses, and
● Implement a support structure that guides potential first generation college students on their journeys.