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about us

Who we are

The LDM Group Co-founded by Lynn Haines Dodd and Donald R. Mitchell, who have over 90 years of administrative and teaching experience in K-12, higher education and in transforming educational institutions through partnering with community leaders to improve equitable college access. The LDM Group has a portfolio of professional experts in their respective fields of study to support client needs.

What We Do

The 3 C's


At the LDM Group we collaborate to bridge systems of support for higher educational institutions, County Office of Education, districts and schools to advance equitable college access. We build strong strategic plans aligned to the California School Dashboard and System of Support. The LDM Group builds strong strategic plans supporting the federal government ESSA plans. We work with our clients to bridge systems of support for parents and community members to advance equitable college access.


We strengthen our client's use of data by developing equitable systems and processes for advancing and supporting college readiness pathways. The LDM Group examines and implements best practices that address educational equity and results in optimal student learning. We help our clients to understand and use formative assessment processes to improve student preparation and performance.

The LDM Group assists our clients in the development of a systemic Equitable Advanced Learning Plan (EALP).


The LDM Group coaches to provide continuous face-to-face and online professional development emphasizing researched-based best college readiness practices. We implement train-the-trainer models and provide peer-to-peer coaching while utilizing data analysis to inform instruction and improve classroom practice. At the LDM Group we use best practices and strategies to propel students from remediation to acceleration. We use best practices to improve student trajectory of closing academic gaps while Identifiying and promoting advanced learning options and opportunities.

work with us

Our work is focused on providing multiple levels of high quality professional development for K-12 educational institutions, college/university enrollment and outreach staff, parents/guardians and community based organizations.  If you are interested in becoming one of our trainers, please review the minimum requirements: you are an expert in your field of study and have 3 or more years of experience in working with diverse student populations; please email your resume through our contact information.
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