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Fact or Fiction

Recommended For:
CORE Content English Teachers
College Readiness Teachers
Pre-AP® English Teachers
AP® English Teachers
(Grades 6-12)

6 hours (1 Day Workshop)

In the age of ‘fake news’ and ‘alternative facts,’ students are facing some of the most difficult times in recognizing what is real and what is fake. Lift the fog and empower your students with tools they’ll need not only to do well in class, but in life. This one-day workshop will focus on non-fictional reading and writing skills students need for college success. This workshop assists teachers to open up the world of non-fiction in all its varied forms – essays, memoirs, biographies and autobiographies, letters, diaries, speeches, journalism, literary criticism and more. Non-fiction is a literature of fact, but it is also a literature of great variety and creativity.. This workshop will give teachers the tools needed to improve their students’ reading levels.

Learning Objectives

Participants will:
• Develop skills to guide their students to look closely at a wide range of short and long non-fiction writing, studying what writers say and, just as importantly, how they say it,
• Develop strategies to guide students to closely examine non-fiction texts,
• Incorporate immersive learning techniques,
• Introduce student grouping strategies, and
• Reexamine traditional teaching methods and reframe perspectives.