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New to AP Chemistry

Recommended for:
AP Chemistry
Audience: New (1-3 years) AP Chemistry Teachers

Grades: 11-12

1 day

Learning that you will be teaching an AP course may be very traumatizing.  At the completion of this workshop, the participants will …
Be aware of the Curriculum Framework that is based on the 6 Big Ideas of Chemistry.
Be ready to complete their syllabus for the AP Audit.
Know what to emphasize in each Big Idea.
Review the Chemistry that is not normally taught in a regular high school course.
Understand the terms
Enduring Understand
Essential Knowledge

Learning Objectives:
Recognize the importance of the Science Practices
View past scoring reports to see what information can be drawn from them.
Learn what areas the College Board has identified as Trouble.
Learn what needs to be covered in …
Intermolecular Forces