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Earth’s Place in the Universe

Recommended For:
College Readiness Science Teachers
Pre-AP® Science Teachers
(Grades 9-12)

6 hours (1 Day Workshop)

Let’s take a journey through space, discovering the life cycle of the sun and earth’s relationship with it. We will take educators through exercises to help you develop ways to teach this fascinating scientific journey. In this workshop, we will discover ways to show students how everything is interconnected and co-dependent in the universe.

Learning Objectives:
● Develop a model, based on evidence, to illustrate the life cycle of the sun and the role of nuclear fusion in the sun’s core to release energy that eventually reaches Earth in the form of radiation, and
● Analyze the location of the earth in the solar system as it relates to the energy that reaches the earth, the protective magnetic field and ozone layer, the food pyramid, and the Greenhouse Effect.