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The Causes and Consequences of the Civil War

The Course is fundamental to the content of the United States History and can be taught at either the 8th or 11th grade levels or in both grade

This workshop will focus on teaching the content required by the State Core Standards, and will also instruct teachers how to use the Inquiry Design Model (IDM) to further student learning. During the workshop teachers will learn how to construct an Inquiry consisting of:
Compelling Question
Standards and Practices
Staging the Question
Creating Three Supporting Questions
Create the Formative Performance Tasks
Identify the Featured Sources
Summative Performance Tasks
Taking Informed Action
The purpose of the IDM is to have students engage with a topic in a History or Social Studies class that would provide them with research skills, analysis, and evaluation skills to prepare them for Honors or AP courses.

Audience: Pre-AP History and Social Studies Teachers
Grade: 8 or 11
Number of Days: 1 to 2