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The Causes and Consequences of the Civil War

Recommended For:
College Readiness Social Science Teachers
Pre-AP® History Teachers
(Grade 8 or 11)

6 hours (1 Day Workshop)
12 hours (2-Day Workshop)

Learning about the Civil War is fundamental to the content of United States history and should be taught at either or both eighth or eleventh grade, depending on the State Core requirements. Essentially, the Civil War and Reconstruction altered the role of the Federal Government in relation to the states and to the American people.  This workshop will focus on the causes and consequences of the Civil War. We will work on creating ways to teach the content required by the State Core Standards, and will also instruct teachers how to use the Inquiry Design Model (IDM) to further student learning.

Learning Objectives

Participants Will:

●    Investigate the cause and effect of the Civil War and how it has impacted our world today,
●    Create lessons to enhance students’ receptibility to the material and find its relevance to current life, and
●    Learn to create and teach an Inquiry Design Model (IDM) to help students engage with a topic in a History or Social Studies class that would provide them with research skills, organizational skills, analysis, and evaluation skills to prepare them for Honors or AP® courses.