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Skills Based Lesson for developing student critical reading and analytic writing skills in AP History Courses

Recommended For:
AP® U.S. History Teachers
AP® World History Teachers
AP® European History Teachers
(Grades 9-12)

6 hours (1 Day Workshop)
12 hours (2 Day Workshop)
Multi-day (3-5 Day Workshop)

Students are highly connected to the world of technology more than ever and it’s extremely important that teachers follow the trend by incorporating it in their strategies in the classroom.
Teachers will use three strategies from this workshop to improve students’ critical reading of academic texts. Teachers will implement these three strategies in their classrooms and will incorporate the latest technology to connect students with academic research and writing skills.

*Recommended Requirements for participants:
1-Bring individual course syllabus.
2-Bring examples of a specific primary, and a specific secondary source to the workshop
3-Bring a copy of the textbook used in classes

Learning Objectives

Objectives for this workshop can be categorized into three broad categories listed below:
A.    Acquisition of Information
1.    Students will possess a grade appropriate content vocabulary,
2.    Students will read with literal comprehension,
3.    Students will read with inferential comprehension, and
4.    Students will recognize the relationship between historical statements and events.

B.    Processing of Information
1.    Students will categorize information appropriately for any given purpose,
2.    Students will understand and use technology to complete research assignments,
3.    Students will develop a hypothesis in response to a problem, and
4.    Students will evaluate arguments on both sides of an issue using adequate, accurate   evidence in support of their thesis.

C.    Use of Information
1.    Students will translate information from one form to another,
2.    Students will cogently present information and arguments in video formats,
3.    Students will present a clear thesis statement, and
4.    Students will conduct historical research using primary and secondary sources.