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Unlocking Key Concepts in Calculus A/B

This workshop will focus on strategies and techniques to support students in acquiring skills and knowledge in the following: work with functions represented in a

variety of ways (e.g. graphical, numerical, analytical, or verbal); understand the meaning of the derivative in terms of a rate of change and local linear approximation and use of derivatives to solve a variety of problems; understand the meaning of the definite integral both as a limit of Riemann sums and as the net accumulation of change and use integrals to solve a variety of problems; understand the relationship between the derivative and the definite integral as expressed in both parts of the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus; and communicate mathematics both orally and in well-written sentence and explain solutions to problems; model a written description of a physical situation with a function, a differential equation, or an integral; use technology to help solve problems, experiment, interpret results, and verify conclusions; determine the reasonableness of solutions, including sign, size, relative accuracy, and units of measurement; and develop an appreciation of calculus a coherent body of knowledge and as a human accomplishment.

Audience: AP® Calculus A/B Teachers
Grades: 11-12
Number of Days: 2