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Calculus-Techniques of Integration

Recommended For:
AP® Calculus A/B Teachers
(Grades 11-12)

6 hours (1 Day Workshop)

Calculators don’t always get it right and some equations require the good old fashioned analog method. Give your students the gift of liberation, from their devices and show them ways to flex their knowledge in calculus by using manual techniques. This one-day workshop will provide teachers with the tools to develop their students’ computational skills.

Learning Objectives

Participants Will:
● Develop methods to encourage and employ ‘by hand’ computation,
● Demonstrate the power and use of analog calculation with the integrals of a wide variety of functions by using techniques of integration,
● We will cover the following techniques of integration: substitution, integration by parts, and trigonometric substitutions, and
● Demonstrate the use of combining these techniques when appropriate.