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Examining Reading and Writing Strategies for Non-fiction and Informational Texts

Recommended For:
College Readiness Teachers
Pre-AP® English Teachers
(Grades 6-12)

6 hours (1 Day Workshop)

One of the great things about being an educator is that we get the opportunity to support our students’ creativity and imagination. The art and skill of writing is certainly an empowering tool for all, giving students the freedom to express their ideas and reading to help them explore new ones. Let’s take the mystery out of non-fiction and give our learners the tools they need to better share their voice and explore others. This one-day, interactive workshop will help teachers strengthen their students’ reading and writing skills in developing nonfiction and informational texts, through examining key components.

Learning Objectives

Participants will:
● Participants will be exposed to non-fiction and informational writing strategies,
● Strengthening nonfiction writing through the art of storytelling,
● Introduce writing strategies that “take hold” of audiences,
● Mastery of imagery and metaphors to create emotional writing, and
● Develop skills to use the element of surprise in writing.