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Successful College Writing Skills

Recommended For:
CORE Content English and Social Science Teachers
College Readiness Teachers
Pre-AP® English Teachers
AP® English and Social Science Teachers
(Grades 6-12)

6 hours (1 Day Workshop)
12 hours (2 Day Workshop)

The pen is almighty, especially when applying to college. One of the great rewards of teaching students is assisting them to reach new heights in their education. And with the help of foundational writing skills, they can achieve great things. This workshop will focus on strategies to assist English and Social Science teachers with cultivating effective writing skills students will need to be successful in college. By analyzing student work through the lens of exemplary writing samples and the use of rubrics, teachers will be able to better convey the urgency of focusing ideas, cogency, evidence, balance and development.

Learning Objectives:

Participants will:
• Acquire strategies for guiding student writing,
• Develop a practical rubric system,
• Reinforce successful writing techniques,
• Implement strategies to assist students with expressing and articulating ideas and concepts, and
• Empower students with tools to utilize language to succinctly convey ideas.

“This workshop provided me with a better understanding of how to use formative assessments to improve classroom instruction.” AP® English Language Teacher, Riverside, CA